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“Prayer – The worlds greatest wireless connection”                                                                                            -Anonymous

 There is  Possibility In Prayer

The fervent effectual prayers of Prayer Practitioners avail much!   Praying with passion combined with the power of belief is the key to answered prayer.  

In ever situation we must remain open to God/Source/Universe’s highest and greatest good manifesting in the way and the time for you.   All you are required to do is “Ask” and it is given.   Make your request known and leave it there! 

Once your request is placed, it will be handled in the most confidential way by myself or one of our trained “Prayer Practitioners”.   Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.  Consider joining our morning meditations prayer community.


I was scheduled to go to court for a couple of traffic citations that had the potential of my license being suspended along with a major fine.  I called Pastor Greg prior to heading off to court. We chatted, he performed a prayer treatment regarding my situation and I headed off to court, at least that was my intention.

Well I ended up putting the wrong address into the ride share app which resulted in me arriving at my attorneys office versus the court. I went into the attorneys office in tears because, at that point I had missed a second court date. The legal clerk in the attorney office, calmed me down and took my information and contacted the attorney who was at court.   He requested that she send over a document that I happened to have on my person.   When she returned she stated that it was all resolved and that it will be reflected in the court documents in a few days. I was utterly amazed that although things were looking very bleak, everything worked out “For my highest and greatest good” as Pastor Greg often says. Whew! Still in utter shock!

A. Reed, Chicago Il.

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Car Situation 1November 12, 2020Details
Release Fear and Activate Faith 1October 26, 2020Details
Forward1September 24, 2020Details
lung cancer1September 17, 2020Details
Family member2July 25, 2020Details
Sales1July 24, 2020Details

Car Situation

My prayer request is that God Work Out My Car Situation! I’m Looking To Have A New Car By The Weekend And That Every Detail Favorably And Financially Will Work Out Together For My Good! And Whomever Receives My Prayer ? Request! I Ask That You Touch And Agree With Me In Faith That It Is DONE ?

Release Fear and Activate Faith

Frankie Riviera works with Covid patients in El Paso and has been feeling sick for two days. She’s afraid. Pray with me for her healing and increased faith.


Allen Voss
9/23/20 moms 3rd birthday, forward she gave me all she had, need to apply the lessons Now! For the family?? thy will be done, preparing for 9/24/20 Froward Peace

lung cancer

Anna Bea
Mr Clarence Rhode was diagnosed with lung cancer again. He lives in the building and always comes to me for healing prayers. He used to sit in your speaking in the building. I call him pimp. I believe that the test are inaccurate.

Family member

Anna Bea
pray for annie facen. Darren's mother and gene cousin. She lives in stl. She is on hospice at home. The doctors can't do anything else for her. Bad heart and lungs condition. He moved me back to Chicago.


Felicity Solomon
I am helping someone market their books and products. We have a deadline of Sept. 8 to make a certain number of sales. We believe we will obtain that registered trademark.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.



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